Custom Fly Rods 

Custom fly rods have always been my main passion. I build fly rods that maximize performance and provide unique styling with materials and options that you just can't find on a factory rod.

I will work with you to select a rod blank that best fits your budget and meets your performance expectations. Line guides are individually selected to maximize sensitivity of the rod and increase casting performance.  A custom turned handle assures proper fit to your hand, better balance, and brings a unique, custom look to your rod.

Rod Blanks

There is a wide assortment of fantastic rod blanks available to the custom rod building market. Manufacturers like St. Croix, Batson, Dan Craft, American Tackle, North fork Composites, MHX and many others offer a wide variety of high quality products. When choosing a rod blank, length, action, weight, taper, number of pieces, and finish are all factors to consider. I can help you select something that will fit your individual fishing situation.


Line Guides

I use Fuji single foot Alconite guides on many of the rods I build. They feature good thermal dissipation, and they are lightweight and durable. There is a huge variety of both wire guides and ceramic guides in the market. I can help you select the best guides for your project after learning more about how you will be using your rod.  


I static test every rod to assure that your guides are properly spaced for optimal performance. This requires taking the time to test cast each rod and move each guide individually in an effort to increase casting performance. Properly spaced guides will produce better stress distribution, evenly distributing stress throughout the flex of the rod. This is something that is not typically done with factory rods and contributes greatly to the performance of your rod. 

Custom Birch Bark Handle


A custom turned handle can really make a rod stand out and is a crucial component of a well-performing rod. A custom handle gives your rod distinct originality and provides a better fit to your hand, maximizing comfort and sensitivity. I can build half-wells, full-wells, or cigar shaped handles. You can choose a style that best fits your needs.

I build handles with cork, wood, bark, foam and any other material that I feel will produce a unique, well-performing handle. A custom fighting butt can also be designed when applicable. Handles can be accented with unique, custom inlays to add to the styling of your rod.

custom reel seat.gif

Reel Seats

I offer custom-turned reel seats that are crafted to match the handle of your fly rod. Reel seats are available in up-locking, down-locking and cap and ring models. Hardware can be flush mount to the handle or inset into the handle. I will work with you to select something that will match up well with your rod. If you prefer a pre-manufactured reel seat, I can help select a quality product that will work well for the situation.

custom fly rod guide.gif


You have the flexibility of choosing the colors for your guide wraps and decorative wraps, or I can help you select something that aesthetically blends with the design and concept of the rod.  Most of my guide wraps have a foundation color and a trim color. Decorative buttwraps, feather inlays, decals and custom inscriptions can be added to any rod to enhance styling. I offer a number of decorative wraps including classic diamond wraps, chevrons, multi-axis chevrons, “tiger” wraps and more. Please inquire for more details.