Custom Spinning Rods


If you cannot find what they are looking for in a factory rod, seek higher quality components and construction, or simply want something different and unique.  A custom spinning rod will deliver all of this and more.

Every spinning rod and casting rod I produce is catered to your specific needs, wants and interests whether it's jigging for walleye, tossing plastics for bass, float fishing for crappie, or casting for pike or musky.          



custom spinning rod guide wrap.jpg



Rod Blanks


There are a number of high quality spinning and casting rod blank manufacturers in the market including St. Croix, Batson, Lamiglas, MHX, American Tackle, Northfork Composites, Castaway, CTS and many more. I will help you select a blank based on your budget and performance needs.



Guide selection is based off a number of factors including the reel that you use, line material, rigging and personal preferences. Knowing more about what you fish for, and how you fish, will help determine the best guides for your rod. 

Guide placement is determined through the "New Guide Concept System." In a nutshell, focus is placed on reducing guide size near the tip of the rod which also reduces weight in this area. More of the imparted energy can be used for casting rather than starting and stopping the rod.  Rod response and recovery are noticeably improved and overall rod balance shifts closer to the place where your hand holds the rod. Knowing more about the reel that you plan to use for your rod helps to produce a more effective guide arrangement. Guides are selected in part, based on their ring size and height, in an effort to produce a very straight line path.


Reel Seats
An all graphite or aluminum reel seat can be used on your rod, or I can custom turn a reel seat insert from cork, wood or acrylic and match it with appropiate reel seat skeleton hardware. High density foam reel seat arbors are used to snug the reel seat to the blank providing a tight fit and increased sensitivity.



I custom turn unique handles using cork, wood, EVA foam and other material. A custom handle gives you the flexibility of determining specific handle length, providing you with the best possible fit. I will consult with you to help determine the most appropriate handle for your rod. I use a variety of handle designs based on your needs and preferences including traditional handles with a rear and fore grip, split grips, no fore grip handles and Tennessee handles. 



You have the flexibility of choosing the colors for your guide wraps and decorative wraps, or I can help you select something that aesthetically blends with the design and concept of the rod.  Most of my guide wraps have a foundation color and a trim color. Decorative buttwraps, feather inlays, decals and custom inscriptions can be added to any rod to enhance styling. I offer a number of decorative wraps including classic diamond wraps, chevrons, multi-axis chevrons, “tiger” wraps and more. Please inquire for more details.



Diamond Wrap

Holographic Tiger Wrap