Warranty Information

Rod failure that arises strictly from defect in our workmanship will be repaired at no cost by Redmond Rods. The owner of the rod is responsible for shipping the rod to and from Redmond Rods. If the rod is unable to be repaired, a new rod can be constructed for the retail cost of components and materials, plus all related shipping costs. A detailed cost summary of itemized materials will be provided. Normal wear and tear, as well as damage by abuse, is not covered under warranty. Redmond Rods reserves the right to determine if a failure is caused by defect in workmanship, abuse, normal wear and tear, or defect in manufactured material. Please contact us if a failure occurs so we can assess the cause.

If the rod blank breaks, coverage is determined by the warranty offered through the blank manufacturer. The manufacturer may or may not offer coverage based on the type of rod blank. Breakage caused by user error or abuse is not covered under manufacturer warranty and accounts for the majority of rod failure. Please see the article in the links page of our website that looks at some of the common ways a rod can break through user error. This is a great article and can help minimize breakage. If a break occurs due to structural failure or defect of the blank, it may be covered by the manufacturer. Every manufacturer has a different warranty and coverage is ultimately decided by the manufacturer of the rod blank upon inspection of the failed rod. A break from blank defect is extremely rare. Most breaks from blank defect will occur within the first few uses of a rod.

If Redmond Rods determines that the rod blank has broken from structural blank failure or defect, and not user error or abuse, the break may be covered by the blank manufacturer’s warranty. The owner of the rod is responsible for costs involved in shipping the rod back to Redmond Rods. A $25 fee will be collected for sending the blank back to the manufacturer for analysis. If the manufacturer determines there was a defect in the blank, and replaces the blank, a new rod can be built for the retail cost of any materials needed, plus a $50 flat fee. A detailed repair summary itemizing all costs will be supplied by Redmond Rods to the rod owner.  The owner of the rod is responsible for return shipping costs. Component failures due to defect in manufacturing are not covered under warranty. If a problem with a guide or other components occurs, please notify us. The owner of the rod is responsible for the price of any new components used for repair and for all related shipping costs. We will always work to provide a reasonable and appropriate solution. If a break or failure occurs, please contact us so we can discuss the best way to solve the problem.
Updated August 2010